the law was all prophecy

Everything Jesus did that is recorded in the gospels was a prophecy of the new covenant... except He was showing us and not telling us. He was illustrating in the natural what takes place in the spiritual when a person is born again... When a person is born again(filled with Gods Spirit) , they are baptized … Continue reading the law was all prophecy

False Visions/Experiences

Was talking with a friend the other day about some false experiences i had and wanted to write about them. The first false vision that i had was at a megachurch in south orange county. it was the first church i ever attended after Jesus made Himself known to me becuase it was down the … Continue reading False Visions/Experiences

learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

I wrote this email to a friend earlier, but I wanted to post it because I feel like it might be helpful to someone else. I used to condemn myself and others a lot... especially myself. Jesus started to teach me to be my own best friend. To encourage myself in the Lord the way … Continue reading learn to be your greatest encourager in the Lord

Gods people are the lost and the broken

Have been thinking lately who are Gods people? There have been a few times that Jesus has told me that someone belongs to Him and you would never know in a million years...they arent walking with Him yet... someone struggling with gender identity issues, a woman trapped in religion, someone of a different faith, a crack … Continue reading Gods people are the lost and the broken