Adam, the lawless one

Shall mortal man be more just than God? Job 4:17  Sharing my understanding of adam and what people call the fall of man...  I used to believe in the "fall of man"... the more I ask Jesus about things, the more I understand that there have always only been 2 players... God and man, Spirit and flesh, … Continue reading Adam, the lawless one

Christ The Eternal Covenant

Sharing something I've been thinking on for awhile... i have a lot of time to think lately lol... I am just thinking out loud in this post. I have been thinking of covenants a lot and asking Jesus about them for a long time. I know people always talk about the old covenant and the … Continue reading Christ The Eternal Covenant

Babylon is fallen, is fallen

I have heard a lot people say that America is Babylon. I actually looked up the word Babylon the other day. It means confusion by mixing. I see that as mixing the things of God with the things of the world, as that causes much confusion. I don't believe that Babylon is a geographical location. I … Continue reading Babylon is fallen, is fallen